Dream Tours We’d Love to See in 2013

It always seems to happen. You find a band to get excited about, only to realize they disbanded several years ago and haven’t toured together since. Here are some artists that fans desperately want to see live in 2013. Some are certainly more far-fetched than others, but none are completely out of the question. Any music fan would love having tickets to these shows:

David Bowie
It’s highly doubtful that Bowie will emerge from retirement. He hasn’t recorded in the studio since 2008, and hasn’t toured since 2006. Despite being in tip-top shape as usual, there is no indication that Bowie will resume musical activities in the public eye. We can still hope, though. There was never a farewell tour of sorts, or an official announcement about his retirement, so a final show (or tour) seems overdue. Bowie has played plenty of shows for charity before, and it’s obvious that tickets for a farewell show would sell out immediately regardless of price. Just do it, Bowie.

The Kinks
Ray and Dave Davies have long led The Kinks, and the two brothers have loads of respect for one another. Yet they can’t stand one another. “I just can’t stand to be with him,” Dave said in an interview. “About an hour with Ray’s my limit, so it would be a very short reunion.” The entire decade has involved a bunch of near-reunions for the legendary British rockers, one of the most popular of all time. Health issues and personal spats have always gotten in the way of a full reunion, even though several members have dabbled together. Ray and Mick Avory have recorded demos recently, but without the help of Dave. Let’s hope the brothers can push aside past differences and reunite for one final go-around in 2013.

Tom Waits
This one seems more likely than most on this list, considering Waits’ tireless work ethic in both film and music. Fans held their breaths this past August when Waits announced that a surprise would be revealed on August 7th. Most fans believed it was a hint at an upcoming tour. The ambiguity simply resulted in a music video for “Hell Broke Luce”, an enjoyably raucous effort from his 2011 album Bad As Me. The rampant speculation over new tour dates simply shows how much his dedicated fan base is pleading for more dates from the eccentric songwriter, whose memorably gripping narratives have earned him a reputation for being a stunning live act. Hopefully he’ll return to the stage in 2013. For someone who loves the craft as much as Waits, it wouldn’t be surprising.

The Yardbirds
How great would it be to see the original members of The Yardbirds reunite? Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck are still in good form, and don’t have much in terms of current conflicts. The Yardbirds’ current incarnation is fine, but most fans would love to see Clapton, Page, and Beck on stage together again. Page later toured with the band, but Beck and Clapton remained dismissive of the venture. Hopefully a new year will change their minds.

The Cure
The original members of The Cure played together in early 2012, generating massive crowds for shows on both coasts and Europe. However, Porl Thompson left in May, and the band stopped playing after a series of summer shows. Their last show was a headline slot on September 1st. Don’t be surprised if Robert Smith and company decided to re-up for another tour. Enjoyably enough, they can’t seem to stop.

Genesis (with Peter Gabriel)
It would be great to see Peter Gabriel back on stage with the band he led to recognition. Sure, there’s a clash of giant egos between Gabriel and Phil Collins, but surely the two would be receptive to a reunion. We know fans would love it. The classic lineup, with both Collins and Gabriel, previously reunited in 1982. A glimmer of hope came in 2011 when Gabriel told Rolling Stone that a Genesis reunion was possible. It never happened, though. As the band’s members continue to get older, perhaps one more farewell tour will be considered. We can only hope.

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