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Things You Didn’t Know About Taylor Swift

In our modern age, it’s rare for even the smallest tidbit of information about a bona-fide superstar to not become a common fact. This is especially the case with Taylor Swift, who has every facet of her life dissected and passed on by a passionate fan base and gossip media. When you have a web

The 13 Secrets of Taylor Swift’s Massive Success

Whether you want to or not, odds are high that you can’t go a single day without seeing or hearing something about Taylor Swift (especially now that she has kicked off her 1989 tour). With current headline-grabbing artists such as Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and Britney Spears clamoring to steal everyone’s attention, how

Taylor Swift’s Biggest Influences

Taylor Swift is one of the brightest stars in music today, which begs the question: Who are her biggest influences? Swift has referenced her grandmother, a former opera singer, as being a prevailing force in her writing. Hearing her sing is one of Swift’s earliest musical memories. “I can remember her singing, the thrill of

Taylor Swift – The Boyfriends That Inspired The Songs

Not to call Taylor Swift’s wholesome reputation into dispute, but ever since she burst onto the country-pop scene back in 2006, she’s been linked with more celebrity boyfriends than most people have hot dinners. With a list of exes that reads like a who’s who of showbiz, her confessional tales of past relationships have understandably

Is Taylor Swift Becoming the John Mayer of the Dating World?

Relationships are like a double-sided coin for Taylor Swift. As with anyone who is not currently married, all of Swift’s relationships have resulted in a break-up thus far – inspiring plenty of heartache, but also creativity. There are many talented songwriters who channel tumultuous emotions into effective songwriting, or at least in Taylor Swift’s case

Album Review: Taylor Swift ‘Red’

Taylor Swift is a bit anomalous in her ability to come off as charming and intelligent while focusing her creative efforts on types of music more closely associated with people who can neither write, nor sing, nor play an instrument. Genre, though, does not define an artist, and nobody is too cool for straight pop